Immigration New Zealand: Patience, please...

IT IS DONE!!!! I finally sent probably about a kilogramm of paperwork to Immigration New Zealand. Now all I can do is wait for them to process it - and patience really isn't something I've come to understand in these past 29 years... I have exactly 45 days left on my current visa. But as I was once again assured by a justice of peace I will automatically be granted a so called "bridge visa" that extends my current one up to the point when immigration makes a decision about my application. Since it takes them approx. 60 days I should have at least two months left in my newly chosen home.

Meanwhile there is some sad news - Dan's grandma passed away last week :-(  The funeral is tomorrow - it will be the first one I attend since my beloved grandpa died a little more than 10 years ago. The whole family will be there. The good part is - since Dan's parents came over from Australia for the funeral I got to meet them a lot earlier than we'd thought. They are currently staying with us and though I haven't really seen much of them so far - with work and everything - I already like them lots. I just wish the circumstances to get to know each other would have been happier.

Also just got off the phone with my grandma. Since she's been in and out of the hospital for the last few months I am pretty worried about not seeing her again. She wants to make it to 90 which would give me a few more years but unfortunately she's not the only one making that decision... I guess I can only hope that I'll see her again despite my decision to stay in New Zealand much longer...


  1. Patience, please...
    Davon wünsche ich Dir Unmengen, Mara - aber vor allem Glück! Hoffentlich geht alles glatt. Du hättest es Dir wirklich verdienst.
    Liebe Grüße aus Brüssel


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