Immigration New Zealand: Almost ready

Just giving you all a little update on how my immigration process is going. In the last few weeks I not only passed my medical examination. I have also filled out about 50 pages of documents, burnt a CD with a few cute shots of Daniel and me and have received some wonderful letters of support from my friends over here. There is still a few things at work that need to be taken care of - which I will talk about once everything is settled - and then I should finally be able to send that huge and expensive package off to immigration.

Wish me luck!!! I have less than two months to go...


  1. Hi hun, gosh you have been very busy getting everything ready. I wish you best of luck for your immigration process. Ii would be so wonderful if you could stay now that you have found everything you need in life. I shall keep al fingers and toes crossed for you! If there is anything I can do to help let me know! Lots and lots of love and best wishes beaming your way!!!! xxx


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