Hora Hora!

Nope, this has nothing to do with Greek mythology or the Spanish language or whatever. Hora Hora is simply the name of my new soccer club. Unfortunately my days at Tikipunga were numbered. Only eight girls showed up to the first training of the season last week and numbers dropped to six on Monday. So when it was time to go to practice again yesterday I wasn't very surprised to receive a call from our coach telling me Tiki won't have a girls' team this year :-(

So what to do? Most of the girls went to Kamo to see if they still needed players. But what I've heard about Kamo so far wasn't very pleasant so I decided not to join them. Instead I went to a friend's team - in town and therefore a bit further away but a wise decision.

I instantly felt "at home" in Hora Hora. Not only was the majority of the team closer to my agge than in Tiki but the coach also maintained a good combination of fun and serious stuff. The warmup was very efficient followed by some intense tactical exercises. Gosh that felt sooo good! Finally being back on the ball and seeing that I hadn't forgotten it all! I think my coach back in Germany would be proud of me...

I did get a bit worried once we started the sprinting session. But once again I was positively surprised about how the coach handled things. I had told him about my exercise induced asthma and it seemed like he had encountered that before. He could see me starting to struggle just when I could feel my breathing becoming harder. I was allowed to take a break without any fuss and none of the other girls had a problem with it either.

So yeah, I'll definitely go back to training next week and I'm looking forward to kicking some ass this season *woohoo*


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