I'm still alive - just a little speechless

Now you might think - speechless? Me? Well, let's call it a hardware-related speechlessness. For almost two weeks now Daniel and I have been waiting to get set up with internet and a phone line through Vodafone. Our phone line is working and we actually have a phone, too =D But we're still offline and there's not too many places in Whangarei to surf the web (for little money). And I'm kinda sick of going to McDonald's all the time taking my laptop for a walk..

Anyway - I still hope to be back online and more active again soon. Just got a message from Vodafone today (or at least I just saw the email today) saying that even our broadband is now set up - all that's missing is our hardware. However, that might take just a little longer to arrive due to the earthquake in Christchurch last week. Of course that's where they focus on right now - but we signed up with Vodafone a week BEFORE the quake hit... so no further comment on that.

As to what I've been up to... Daniel and I had a little welcoming party last Friday. It was heaps of fun and due to some spontanous visitors German girls were quite a majority that night *lol* Nina, a girl that I had travelled with in January, came back up north to spend her last days with me before heading back to Germany. She had just been on her way to Christchurch last week when the quake struck and was then struggling hard to get back out. She made it here safely and I'm very grateful for that. She was quite shaken (why is there no other word for that in the English language?!?) was I think coming here helped her get some distraction. Another friend of ours that we travelled with was also in Christchurch, had just started uni there. She, too, is well, thank God, but away from the city now deciding what will be her next steps.

There's also another au pair in town that I'm spending some time with now. Another youngster *lol* but she's really nice. Might come to play soccer with us *yeah* Practice for Tiki starts next week. Time to go running again and get back in shape.

Twilight soccer this year was awesome! We only lost the very first and the very last game and the best thing: I SCORED!!!! Daniel finally kept his promise and set me up and I slammed the ball into the goal *woohoo* what a great feeling - especially because that meant no nudy run for me *lol*

Work is also good. Last week was crazy, though. I worked 40 hours (which I know is normal in Germany anyway but considering as a part-timer here I'm only meant to do 30 hours per week...) and only had one day off. This week is better though I'm working lots of night shifts. Now I finally understand what couples mean when they say now that they live together they actually see each other less than before.

Well, time is almost up. But don't worry, I'll be back soon =D


  1. Hmmm-n`Modem hat ma einfach, kostet auch net die Welt und man ist unabhängiger von den Provioderabzockern, kann sich gleichwohl besser schützen. Hast du meine letzte mail gelesen?
    MfG sloslite


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