That is me sausage!!!

Just got back from another great weekend exploring beautiful New Zealand. This time we (Gritje, Sophie and I) went to Kerikeri where Gritje's host mom's brother David lives who had "invited" us to a BBQ and let us stay at his place for the weekend.

Unfortunately I missed Sunday dinner with my host family because it had been rescheduled to Friday this time due to Guy Fawkes Day. Back in 1605 a group of "terrorists" tried to kill the British King with a bunch of gunpowder barrels. The plot failed and Guw Fawkes who was supposed to be its leader was executed. Since then every year on November 5th there are huge bonfires all over Britain (and obviously New Zealand as well) remembering that day when the King was saved.

I missed the fireworks with my host family because we were leaving for Kerikeri Friday Night. But we had our own bonfire (mostly lit with the help of diesel, diesel and more diesel) and David had supplied some fireworks which to German standards are rather weak I have to admit. But we had heaps of fun anyway roasting marshmellows over the diesel fire =D

We spent Saturday in Paihia, called "The Jewel of the Bay of Islands". There's heaps of stuff to do: kayaking, horse-riding, skydiving, walks, helicopter rides, ... Paihia is one of the first settlements in New Zealands and nearby you find historic Russell and Waitangi where the treaty was signed that led to the country's "birth".

We spent all day long at the beach looking for beautiful shells, going for a swim and doing some shopping. Life can be so wonderful down here. Makes you wonder how anyone would ever want to leave again! The same thought occured to me again today when David took us on a boat trip to Cape Brett and the "Hole in the Rocks".

The night before I had asked David how the chances to see some dolphins are in the area. His answer wasn't very satisfying: "They swim around, sometimes they are here, sometimes they are not." The happier I was when Gritje actually did spot some dolphins while we were cruising around! THEY WERE SO BEAUTIFUL! Quite huge, too. It was an unforgettable sight seeing those graceful animals floating through the water, playing with the waves. At times they were as close to the boat as maybe five meters!!! What a joy =D

Once they were gone we went to Urupukapuka Beach for a swim and do some kayaking. The water at first seemed quite cold but after a while it was actually a lot more comfortable being in the water than out with the wind blowing stronger and stronger.

The water was getting a bit rough, too, when we made our way back to the coast. David was enjoying himself on the wheel going quite fast so our bodys were shaking around with each wave. I wish I had a boat - I'd be out on the water every free minute! I so enjoy it and lucky me I was allowed to drive for a bit. Of course David turned the speed down before he handed over the wheel. Too bad ;-/

We also did some fishing today - or at least Sophie and I tried to. Unfortunately the only thing we caught were two unhappy seagulls that somehow managed to get tangled up with the hook ;-/ David and Gritje were trying to help them which wasn't easy because those poor fellows were fighting for their lives hacking and biting anything that came close. But in the end both were freed and I hope are by now happily munching on fish again...

By the way for all of you who understand a bit of German... We were thinking about a few German idioms this weekend and translated them into English word by word. I put my second favorite down as the headline for this post. Can't tell you my favorite as it's a bit naughty *heehee* FYK would be the abbreviation for those who want to know send me a message :-)

P.S.: I didn't take any pictures this weekend but Sophie did. You'll find them - as always - on Facebook by clicking here...


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