I love my kids!

Pia and Philip are in Auckland tonight for the U2 concert so for the first time I'm all alone with Lukas and Eliza over night. I wasn't afraid of it but I surely didn't expect it to got that smooth =D I had a soccer game in the afternoon so Louise took the kids along with a kilo of chicken nuggets, a pot of pasta and some cinnamon cookies I had made earlier.

2.5 hours later I picked them up (we've won the soccer game 9:3 - we absolutely trashed them *heehee*). They were just finishing Toy Story 3 and were already in their pyjamas. Took them home, they brushed their teeth and hopped into bed. We read one chapter of their current bedtime story and got some reading time on their own afterwards.

I was going to check on Tipi and her puppies in the meantime, feed her and let her out for a little walk.

Ten minutes later I come back inside to turn off the light and send the kids to bed. And what do I find? The light is turned off and both kids are fast asleep. It was not even 8.30pm.

Lukas and Eliza, you are absolutely adorable *kiss*


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