It's Labour Day Weekend and finally summer seems to have found New Zealand. I spent most of the time outside enjoying the sun and a clear blue sky. Saturday a friend took me out on his boat with a few buddies and we headed to Whangarei Heads. The guys went diving while the rest of us stretched lazily on deck, getting a tan and going for a swim in the still cold but refreshing water. I even got a go at the wheel AND I went fishing - for the very first time in my life. Even caught something!!!

My Friend was laughing and making fun of me saying what a shame to take a picture with this tiny little thing. He's probably right - but hey, who knows if I'll ever go fishing again let along catch something. So this might have been a once-in-a-lifetime-chance *heehee* Anyway... we released the poor little fellow back into the sea after he had posed so nicely for the camera.

The most impressive thing that day was - once again - the landscape.

I just can't get enough of this country no matter where I go. The sea is soooo clean and a clear blue you think you can almost see the bottom. There were hundreds of birds - seagulls and another native NZ bird I've forgotten the name of. And there were litttle penguins just floating on the water. It was so cute. And then the hills, majestic and covered with trees that have such an intense green color... I know this sounds cheesy but I could have cried so happy was I just being there. How could anyone ever want to leave this place!?!

For dinner we had scollops the guys had caught - had some raw ones on the boat, didn't know you could eat them like that but they were soooo yummy! Sunday I went to the beach with some girls and we just let our souls and bodies rest in the sun. The beach (Pataua South) was surrounded by a nice scenery but we didn't feel like going swimming there. Too many sharp shells all over the place, little crabs and seastars...

Turned out we weren't actually on the right beach ;-/ Took a wrong turn somewhere and missed the right spot by maybe 200 meters. What a shame!!! Will go back though cos the beach IS supposed to be a lovely one.

Thursday I'm going to Auckland for a Leonard Cohen concert =D I'll be staying at a girl's place that I've only met a few days ago. It's amazing this network of Au Pairs. Somehow we're all connected and someone always knows someone else that you know, too. Friday I met four Au Pairs from Auckland - I'd spoken to one of them on Facebook for a while. Now they were in the area and we had a greaeat night out in Whangarei. I bought another bag at the Night Markets and we had some yummy food at a place called "The Fat Camel". Looking forward to meeting the girls again in Auckland later this week =D


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