I won't miss you...

Lukas is full of surprises and though he can be quite a troublemaker sometimes he's somehow the cutest four-year-old I've ever met. Lately he's been talking a lot about his last au pair Marie - also from Germany - and that he misses her. So I asked him today whether he'll miss me when I'm gone. His answer came straight away: NO!

*Humpf* was all I thought at first, but when I asked him why, I was really touched: I won't miss you Mara, because you're coming back. That's what the little boy said. For my birthday he's going to give me a biiiiiiiig present (because I told him if I don't like my present I'll leave early) - it's going to be a bike as big as the house all the way up to the sky. So that I can fly to Germany and then back to New Zealand whenever I wanted to. Also I wouldn't have to pay that much with that bike.

Oh, and while I'm in Germany I have to buy some soccer shoes for him and Eliza. In the right size of course - size 4 for Lukas and size 7 for Eliza. Because she'll be seven soon. And then I am to come back to New Zealand to give the shoes to him and his sister.

I don't know what else to say to this. I'm speechless =D


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