Homework? What is that?

After a long weekend (yesterday was Labor Day) the kids were back to school and kindy today. Usually for Eliza she gets a bunch of homework on Monday that is due back at school on Friday so she has a few days to complete it. Plus there is a book or a short story to read and some spelling to practice every day. But there usually isn't any homework during the weekend. So I found this little conversation we had this morning just before we were about to leave quite funny...

Mara: "Eliza, do you have everything you need for school in your bag?"

Eliza: "Yes."

Pia: "Did you get your praisebook back over the weekend?" - A praisebook is like a Hausaufgabenbuch in Germany where teacher and parents comment once a week on the student's progress, behavior, ...

Eliza: "No, I didn't. But we got some homework."

Pia and I: "Homework? Over the weekend?"

Eliza (happily nodding): "Yes. Some reading and spelling words"

I: "Why didn't you tell us?"

Eliza: "Oh, I forgot."


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