Happy Birthday, Eliza =D

Today was a very special day - because a very special girl was celebrating her birthday. Eliza turned 7 and had invited heaps of kids. For lack of space (and to safe the house from being turned upside down) the party was relocated to the Whangarei Gliding Club which is just next door. Pia had bought lots of party food hoping to satisfy the needs and fill the tummies of 19 children (!!!). There were chicken nuggets, sausage rolls, marshmellows, chippies, lollies, ... and cupcakes which the kids could decorate themselves as a highlight.

It's unbelievable how much noise 19 kids can make *lol* But as long as there was food on the table they were happy as can be. I remember my birthday parties in the little tiny appartment where me, my mom and my brother were living in when I was young. Sometimes it was so hard to think of something to entertain everybody. We usually ended up playing blind man's bluff or hit the pot.

But here there is so much space and the kids can just run around and explore - as long as they are not touching hot wires or possum traps... no need to worry they might break something or get bored too easily. They all had heaps of fun and I think the cupcakes really were the highlight of the day for many of them :-)

Lukas wasn't too happy though because Eliza kept getting all those fantastic presents ;-( He still needs to wait 15 more weeks (we count in Sunday dinners because it's still hard for him to understand the concept of time) until he finally turns five, gets lots and lots of presents - and starts school!!! Yep, over here you start school at the age of 5.

So while in Germany being 7 years old usually means you're about to start school or have just recently done so depending on when you're born Eliza has already gone to school, learnt her ABC and numbers for two whole years! Amazing... And she's getting so much better at reading, can can count to 100 and above, does easy multiplication... it's neat to see her making progress in different areas :-)


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