Lots of animals and seafood

Last week Lukas's kindy had a trip to the Serendipity Farm Park in Whangarei. It's a nice little animal park about 10mins from the city center where you can spend a nice morning or afternoon with the whole family. It's $6 for adults and $5 for kids so not too bad and in the entrance included is a bag of food to hand out to the animals.

They have lots of goats and horses, some alpacas, a lama, an ostrich, donkeys, lots of ducks, a wild pig and sometimes baby animals (like the cute little black lambs when we were there). You go along the park on a little path and can handfeed most of the animals. Before you go a staff member of the park explains the kids how to feed the animals and how to behave. There's also a rabbit house and when we were there they had a little baby bunny and a rat the kids could hold and cuddle.

Lukas and the other kids really enjoyed their stay at the park. I'd say it's definitely worth a visit. There's a little café also and some picnic tables so just bring along whatever you need and have yourself a picnic next to the animals :-) There's a few more pictures of the farm park on Facebook.

This weekend I was quite busy at least on Saturday. First I joined a friend I met on Couchsurfing and went to the Northland Seafood Festival. The name is a little exaggerated as Festival doesn't quite fit. It was a little area with a stage where three girls sang and made a little show - a really good one by the way doing songs à la Coyote Ugly and similar.

Other than that there were lots of wine and food stalls with - of course - overprized food. But the oysters were really yummy!!! Didn't feel any aphrodisiacal effects though *lol* Was just about to hop on a helicopter, too, as they were offering flights around the Marina for just $40 (little more than 20 Euros). But when I finally decided I was gonna do it they had already removed the sign. I guess the wind was getting too strong. What a pity! I'm sure I'd have enjoyed that too!!!

Saturday night I was catering at the Hikurangi Fire Brigade as they were having an honor's night for their comrades. Met a few really nice girls there and the food - OMG... more oysters, prawns, meatballs, mussels, sandwiches, samosas, spring rolls, carrot cake, cheese cake, brownies... HEAVEN ON EARTH - only not for us as we were just working :-(


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