Every kid loves holidays =D

Friday was the last day of school in Term 3. Lukas didn't have to go to kindy and instead joined us all at the local Marae (the traditional meeting house of the Maori) where we attend Eliza's and of term assembly. It was very interesting being at the Marae and watching a proper Powhiri (meeting). I could even understand a few words the local Maori people used in their Mihi (Speech) to welcome us.

The weekend was rather quiet. On Saturday I got to feed Gritje's little lamb which she called Shaun-David. Shaun is a famous TV character («Shaun the Sheep») and David her host mom's brother. Unfortunately little Shaun-David will only have a very short life as he'll be Christmas dinner in a few months :-(

We also checked out the new club in town – Malbas, formerly known as danger danger. Wasn't really enjoying myself which is mostly due to the DJ. He really sucked, played one bad song after the other and wouldn't even play songs the audience requested. What a loser! If it wasn't for the pool tables I wouldn't go there again but Gritje and I had a good time playing some balls – I won ALL games *heehee* Only lost when Vicky's boyfriend played against me and Gritje – I guess she just was bad luck that night *lol*

Vicky's boyfriend was here for the weekend. We picked him up from Auckland airport Thursday night. That was a drive... Four girls in a little tiny car driving at night after a long day of work... We got to Auckland around midnight but Hussam's plane was delayed. By the time we had picked him up and were ready to leave it was 1am!!! Tried to get some sleep on the way back but qith five of us squeezed in one little car there was not much space to sit comfortable. Was back at my room by 4am so I got a little more than host hours sleep that night *uff*

Now the kids and I are enjoying two weeks of school vacation. Yesterday we went with Denise and her five kids to the beach (Whananaki South) and enjoyed the sun. The weather is getting better and better and you can tell that summer is coming closer. We had maybe 24 degrees, lots of sunshine and blue sky. The water still was too cold for the kids to go in but they had heaps of fun building sand castles and messing around in the sand.

I also finally wore the dress that Jenny has sent me from the UK a few weeks ago. I absolutely LOVE it!!! What do you think?

Today we went to see the Kiwi House and Museum where they were hosting a Butterfly exhibition. Unfortunately the Kiwis tend to exaggerate because when I hear the word butterfly I think of live ones flying around that you can see and observe. But no – no live butterflies here... just a little tiny section in the back of the museum with two or three dead ones pinned to the wall and lots of stuff to read. Very interesting for children... Waste of time and money...

At least we really did see a Kiwi bird so that was worth it :-) Little fellow was right behind the glass window enjoying his food. But still I don't know why I would have to pay 10 dollars (5 Euros) as an adult and 5 dollars (2.50 Euros) as a child just for that.

There are lots of walks there and old houses but overall I would say if you have little children save your money and -

... go to the Town Basin instead =D That's where we spend the rest of the day. Kids had some fish and chips and afterwards just ran around the big playground having the time of their lives.

Tomorrow we're going to the pools but I don't know yet whether that's a normal swimming pool or hot pools like the one in Ngawha. But I'll find out :-)

You'll find more pictures of our holiday adventures on Facebook...


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