Convertibles, high heels and a Māori Mihi

After slowly recovering from - hum, now what? a nasty tummy bug? food allergies? - whatever I can start posting stuff again that's worthwile mentioning. First of all something for all the guys out there *lol* Guess what... I actually had to come all the way down to New Zealand to drive my first BMW!!! Thanks to Craig's dad I was able to drive one of these (a BMW Z4 convertible) down the road *woohoo* Really enjoyed it!

Would love to have one of these, but first of all I have to spend some money on a new dress and high heels *arg* Why? The Tikipunga soccer club that I have been playing for twice has an end of the season prize-giving and though I've only helped out at two games I may/can/have to attend that rather formal gathering. Met one of the girls in town and she basically told me: "Sure you're coming. You played goalie and everybody loves you for that!"

So now I'm stuck and have no idea where to get a dress from that I like, that fits AND that I can afford... not to think about the shoes. Have I mentioned that A I don't like shopping and B I neither care for wearing dresses too often nor high heels? What a dilemma...

Also my classes at the CEW are slowly coming to an end. There's two more Māori lessons and for the next one we have to prepare a mihi - an introductory speech we could give at a Marae (the assembly house of the Māori).

Here's what I will be saying...

Tēnā koutou katoa. Ko Mara tōku ingoa. Nō Tiamana ahau. Ko Wolfgang tōku matua. Nō Elgersburg ia. Ko Monika tōku whaea. Nō Mockrehna ia. Ko Georg rāua ko Johanna tōna mātua. Nō Mockrehna a Georg. Engari, I mate ia. Nō Tschernosek a Johanna. Ko Marc tōku tūngane. Nō Eilenburg ia. Ko ahau te mātāmua. Horekau ōku tamariki. Nō reira, tēnā koutou, tēnā koutou, tēnā koutou katoa.


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