What a nasty little bug(ger)

Yes, I'm still alive. Though the last days it didn't quite feel like that. The reason why it's been a little quiet around here since the weekend is not hat nothing happened. Life never sleeps at the farm. But I've not been feeling too well and at time couldn't even be bothered to turn on the computer.

It all started with a sore throat last Friday. Eliza had been coughing for days and when I took her to the doctor I noticed my throat was bugging me a little as well. It got worse during the weekend, but was still bearable. I did take the kids to the Wildlife Gardens where we saw lots of different lions and tigers. They even have the big lion there that played Aslan in the first Narnia-movie!!! Pictures will follow...

Anyway, Sunday night was the worst. It felt like there were hundreds of razor blades stuck in my throat, I couldn't swallow anymore because of the pain, my nose was completely blocked and I don't know why all these people had to hammer around in my head. It was awful. When Lukas woke up next door sometime after midnight crying "I've had enough" I soooooo understood him.

I think I finally fell asleep around 2.30am at least that was when I last checked my watch. We took Lukas to the doctor on Monday and I got some cold/flu medicine as well. Felt a little better - until Monday night. I was supposed to go to my first Maori class and was debating til the very end whether I just risk going or not. But it was the first class and you just don't want to miss that one. So I went.

Told Jason, who was running the class, I might be leaving earlier - not because the stuff he talked about was boring but because I didn't feel too good. Well, I was fine for the first part. Until we all had to stand up in a circle and do a few exercises that obviously are used in greeting ceremonys at the Marae - the Maoris' meeting place. After that I starting feeling so sick that I threw up - and went straight back home.

Surely this must have been the turning point for the better, I thought. And indeed I feld a lot better yesterday. Could even eat solid food again. Until this morning. As soon as I woke up I had this awful feeling in my stomach something might happen sooner or later. So Pia took me to the doctor. After all it's been almost a week now so the cold should be gone. Diagnosis: sinusitis AND bronchitis. You know I don't do things only half way. Gotta have the full programm ;-/

So now I'm on antibiotics and after another horrible day of puking and feeling miserable I am slowly recovering. Please let this be the end of that nasty little bug(ger)! I've had enough of being sick. And I've had enough of the constant rain. Can the sun please come back for at least a day or two???

P.S.: Funny coincidence happened at the doctor's today. The guy who saw me was American - and until a few years ago he actually lived in Quincy, Illinois! Where I've spent a year as an exchange student back in 1998/99. He might even know my host family at least he said the name sounds familiar. Isn't that somthing?


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