Ko Mara tōku ingoa

When I first signed up for Māori classes it was mostly because I wanted something to do when I hadn't met any people yet and because I thought it would be an interesting way to learn a bit more about New Zealand and especially its native people. I never would have thought it would be THAT much fun =D

Even though I am the youngest the group is awesome! And Jason, our teacher, really knows how to make lessons worthwile. After having learnt more phrases today we did a few games to memorize each others' names and the new vocabulary and sentence structure. We've been laughing our heads off doing so =D

Here are a few more things I can now say...

Tēnā koe. Ko wai tō ingoa? Ko Mara tōku ingoa. Nō hea koe? Nō Tiamana ahau. E pēhea ana koe? E tino ngenge ana ahau. Nō reira - ka kite anō.

And here's the whakapākehatia - the translation into English:

Hello. What's your name? My name is Mara. Where are you from? I'm from Germany. How are you? I am very tired. Therefore - byebye.


  1. You need to record some of these phrases and publish them as a podcast - can't imagine how that really sounds (except lucky, of course).

  2. Can't do podcasts on blogger but maybe I'll record them on video and upload that one day...


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