Goodbye, Herbie

It's always weird to be just a passenger in the front seat of your own car while someone else is driving it. However, it is even weirder if someone else is driving your car with you in the front seat knowing it no longer is your car.

Yes, it is true. I finally said goodbye to Herbie today. After two prospective buyers cancelled on me last minute the third one saved my bank account *lol* I had one last ride with Herbie, then had to take the golden boxing gloves off (ironically a farewell present after I left my last job) and turn in the keys. I know it's only a car - but it was my first and Herbie served me well. I will miss him...

There are so many goodbyes to say these days. Some people wonder why I do this - as if I was never to come back or going on a lifelong journey. Well, I think in some way I am. I know that many of the people I'm saying godbye to these days I will probably never see again. Not because I or they don't want to. But it's just the way life goes. People come, people go. You can't stay in touch with everybody.

Yet there always are some that you feel it extremely hard to say your farewells to.

Also, saying goodbye makes things final. I am leaving this country in four days. And even though I am very much looking forward to this next stage of life, being a thoughtful person, I do wonder these days whether I should have done this or that differently.

What about you? Looking back upon your life - is there anything you would have done differently if you had a chance to?


  1. I think I am really pleased I left when I did. I would have never gotten to know Jp otherwise, sorted our my confidence Issues etc.
    I think it is good you are doing that, use it as a chance to keep reminding yourself that the glass is always half full not half empty.
    Have a fantastic time! Hugs x x x x x

  2. Wow! Noch drei Tage und dann geht die Reise los! =)
    Ich wünsche dir viel Glück auf dem Flug, dass alles gut geht und du nicht zu lange auf irgendwelchen Flughäfen warten musst, dass deine Host-Family nett ist und alles klappt.
    Freue mich schon auf deine Berichte! Schöne Grüße aus Hard


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