What a waste

Sometimes it's the people you least expect it from that disappoint you the most. Four years I have dedicated my time, lots of effort and above all my heart to the Little Lights. I have juggled around schedules, begged colleagues to switch shifts, ignored family matters, gone straight from a soccer match onto the autobahn to drive four hours - everything just to attend a concert. I have organized, helped and what not...

And after four years all I get is a simple "bye". Well - what had I expected? A few words like "it was great to have you"? Maybe something like "all the best for you" or "it's a pity you're leaving"? Maybe that. But at least I would have expected a simple "thank you". Not more than that. Is that too much to ask for?

Instead this weekend I once again had to learn that there are people in life who will always be treasured more, who will always be favored more. No matter what you do for some people it will never be enough. They just don't know how to appreciate what they have.

Well at least that makes it a lot easier to say goodbye. So goodbye Little Lights. And thank you for that wonderful farewell party.


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