Got hit by Murphy's Law

Until last week everything had gone so smooth. People had bought most of my stuff, friends and family were helping clearing my appt bit by bit... Why not continue like this til the very end? I guess that would have been too boring. So instead starting this weekend things went from bad to worse.

First the guy who was supposed to buy my car cancelled the very last minute. Fortunately a few freaked out phone calls and a small talk with a friend later I had found someone else who's going to take it - though for less money ;-(

Then today was probably the most horrible day in I don't know how many years. First thing in the morning I got a phone call from my mom's bf and my uncle telling me the big car that was suposed to carry all my boxes and the rest of the furniture just broke down. They were trying to fix it - but no chance. So they arrived two hours late and we ended up hiring a transporter. Luckily for a very reasonable price.

Then the three of us - my brother was busy "studying" - were clearing out my appt on one of the hottest days of the year. Each of us probably went up and down from fourth floor about 20 times. The guys more often than me because most of the boxes were too heavy... Sweat was running and the guys grew angrier all the time. Could hear them yelling and screaming all the way up here. Felt really sorry for them but there wasn't anything I could have done to lessen their struggle.

Finally got it all in and I sent them off to unload at my mom's place. I myself went to pick up a friend who on very short notice had agreed to help me paint walls and ceiling. However when I was just about to leave I actually managed to lock myself out - after four years!!! I was about to cry. No, actually that is wrong. I WAS crying. How on earth can things get screwed up so bad?

The locksmith probably was having a party after he was done at my place - took him two minutes to open my door - and I had to pay him 114 Euros. Wish I got paid even half as much for that little work.

After a twelve-hour-day we were finally done. Now all I have to do is clean the place up tomorrow and turn the keys in. Hope they don't find anything that is not to their satisfaction. Can't stand another hassle on the way...

Anyway, it's time to thank some people... A biiiiiig thanks to Franky and my uncle Bernd for being my personal moving company - once again. I promise this will be the last time I'm moving at least for a year *lol*

Thanks to Thomas, the painter, for pitching in at the last minute.

Thanks to Sylvia, Andi, my mom, Kristina and all the others for hauling furniture and boxes in the last few weeks.

Thanks to my mom for taking all the worried phone calls and trying her best to sort things out where I had failed or couldn't find a solution.

Thanks to Jana and Olaf for letting me use their attic as a storage room.

Thanks to Micha for giving Darwin a new home. I miss you little fellow ;-(

Thanks to all the people who have bought my furniture and by doing so have helped me to let a little cash flow into my travel account.

Thanks to Mary, Steffen, Jenny, Romy, Sylvia, Elke, Nicky, Miri and all the others for your constant support, listening to my worries and showing me that no matter what there's always a light ahead. I am very grateful for your friendship *hugs*

Guys, without every single one of you I wouldn't have managed these last weeks. You are the best!!!


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