Fifa World Cup: Moritzbastei (MB)

Game: France vs Uruguay (8.30pm)

Location: Moritzbastei (MB) - that is where I watched the 2006 finale Italy vs France, loved it so I came back

1. size - I'm not good at guessing but I'd say the terrace fits about 150 people

2. audience - multicultural - people from all countries, ethnic and age groups come here to celebrate together

3. reachability - excellent! - MB is right in the citiy center near Augustusplatz, where most of the tram are running from

4. indoor/outdoor - outdoor (don't know what they do if it's raining)

5. equipment - amazing sound system, a little too loud you could barely hear your neighbor talk - not good for socialising... screen is big enough so the view from first row is excellent... not sure if you sit further back guess it's the same as if you were at the movies... if a tall guy sits right in front of you - you're screwed...

6. range of products - ok: beer, dark beer, red/white wine, non-alcoholic drinks, bratwurst, steaks, fetacheese and more from the BBQ, also snacks and coffee from the adjoining bar

7. pricing - 0.4 beer for 2.50 Euros, bratwurst for 2 Euros

8. hygiene - could be better... one container with 2 toilets for girls... not too clean but at least they had toilet paper and soap

9. atmosphere - great! you can't really talk during the game because the volume is too loud but in between halftimes it's easy to get in touch with other nationalities, people are generally friendly even though their team is losing

10. overall summary - so far my favorite place for public viewing BUT you have to come early to get a good seat!


  1. Hey!
    Das Layout ist wirklich schön! =)
    Wie schade nur, dass jetzt meine Prüfungszeit beginnt und ich fast nie WM schauen kann. -_-
    Liebe Grüße


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