Bon appetit!

The last few weeks it's become a little quiet around here. It's not that I didn't have time or didn't have anything to say - just the lack of motivation I guess...

Today I'm going to tell you about another I am currently participating in. This time it's about some breakfast flakes - by Nestlé - that I am trying. They are made of wholemeal grain and come in four different flavors: Fitness (plain), Chocolat, Fruits and Joghurt.

I got one normal-sized pack of each flavor for myself to try and tons of small portions in Chocolat and Fitness to hand out to friends, collegues and whoever.

I've already tried the Chocolate ones and the plain ones - and was positively surprised. I do like cereals - but normally I go for the really sweet ones. Anything with wholemeal is usually not my type. Too dry, no real taste. So of course I opened the chocolate ones first - and loved them. They are really crunchy and since there isn't chocolate everywhere the level of sweetness is just right. Same goes for the plain ones. Still haven't figured out why.

For me the flakes are a good way to start the day. I tried them with milk and sometimes with fruits also. Like them either way.

As for the price - I'm afraid 2,99 Euros for 375 gramms (350 gramms for Joghurt) is a little too expensive compared to others. I might buy it once the project is over but I'm not sure yet.

If you too like cereals I'd like you to fill out the questionnaire below - just send me your answers via comment or mail. Or if you have already tried Nestlé Fitness flakes - let me know how you like them...


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