What's better?

Cats or dogs?

hard to say, but dogs are less bitchy

Girls or boys?

Girls of course *heehee*

Ocean or beach?

the combination of both ist most appealing

Bands or DJ?

depends on the mood

Club or pub?

again, depends on the mood - and the atmosphere

Coke or Pepsi?


Inside or outside?

outside, no matter if the sun is shining or not

Adventure or wellness?

a good mix of both is the best

Arts or science?


Facebook or Myspace?


Books or movies?

I know a lot of good movies, but if I have to decide between a good book and a movie I'd probably always pick the book...

Fiction or facts?

I love fairytales =D

The latest fashion or comfortable clothes?

the latter... I NEVER go by the lastest fashion

Found on Stöckchen-Blog.


  1. Interessant :-)

    Hast länger nicht gebloggt, ich hoffe bei dir ist alles ok :)

    Lg, Mehrunissa

  2. Ja, alles ok soweit. Mir hat in letzter Zeit die Muse gefehlt, Themen gibt es genug, über die bloggen würde...


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