10 reasons to visit Budapest

Finally found some time to tell you a little bit about my short trip to Hungary's capital. To make it more representable I'll split my reports in little sections starting with the most important reasons to visit Budapest. The numbers do not represent any priorities, their order is randomly picked.

1. Party, culture, relaxation? There's something in Budapest for everyone to see and do.

2. The people are always helpful, whether you speak Hungarian (which I don't), English or German (met more people who spoke German than English to be honest).

3. People even help you if they have no clue at all. So it can happen that you end up in the wrong part of the city because someone was sooo sure the bus you asked him about is the right one to take. But still you can have the best conversations even at 2.30 in the morning at a bus stop somewhere in Budapest.

4. The view from the Citadel is breathtaking!

5. People you've only met a few hours ago surprise you with a piece of cake, a candle and sing Happy Birthday for you.

6. You can sit on the steps of the Basilica of St. Stephens thinking about what to do next, then meet some very nice people from Latvia and Finland and spend the next hours talking about volunteer programs, couchsurfing and just hang out together.

7. Everything in Budapest is so cheap compared to German prices.

8. You neither mind losing at table soccer nor the traditional argument with a Bavarian because there are so many other things to do that are more important and way too much fun =D

9. They have Maras at the zoo!!!

10. You just never get bored in Budapest.

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