10 reasons NOT to visit Budapest

Of course there is always something you don't like, some bad experiences that you make... here is my list:

1. Budapest is definitely not a city for allergic people like me. Haven't had such a terrible hay fever for ages.

2. No matter if on the street, in pubs, public places or restaurants and cafes: Hungary has no law to protect people from passive smoking because you can smoe ANYWHERE you want.

3. Try to enjoy a yummy Hungarian goulash soup when at all tables next to you someone is having a cigarette.

4. It seems like 90 percent of the people smoke so no matter where you go you ALWAYS smell of it.

5. Because everyone around you is smoking the hay fever gets worse and worse.

6. You need at least twice as many clothes as usually when you go to Budapest because if you don't have the opportunity of washing your clothes daily there's no way of wearing them twice because they stink so bad.

7. I think you get the idea of why you shouldn't go to Budapest.

8. Compare this list to why you SHOULD go to Budapest and figure out for yourself what I'm trying to tell you ;-)

9. You still don't understand what I'm trying to tell you? Budapest is a GREAT city to go to. Just prepare yourself for this little nuisance and you'll have a great time.

10. By the way - there actually ARE a few non-smoking places like Castro's Buffet near Deak Ferenc Ter and the food-section @Szimpla (even though in Szimpla people ignore the few non-smoking signs and even the waitress is smoking behind the counter though she seems to be pregnant...).


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