Five steps to ruin a perfect day at Niagara Falls

1. Cross the border to Canada realizing you forgot your travel passport.

2. Make the Canadians send you back to the US telling them you weren't allowed to enter.

3. Get in trouble trying to re-enter the US without a valid ID.

4. Pay 120 US-Dollars (approx. 90 Euros) for a taxi going back to Buffalo and grab your travel passport because the next bus doesn't run for the next 1.5 hours.

5. Have your taxi driver say "I'm totally lost" because there's a huge Puerto Rican festival going on so all the streets AND the highways are closed and of course there is no detour to take you around all this crazy events.

Oh - almost forgot number 6: Get in a fight with your best friend over all this crap because you both are really pissed off...

Well - other than that our trip to Niagara Falls has been AWESOME. Plus after a 3 hour detour back to Buffalo I finally did get permission to enter Canada and we had a great day there as well. Pictures and more details will follow soon.

Regarding our trip (as I haven't been posting as much as I had thought I would) - we're still having a great time here. Driving a huge Ford Focus (automatic) on US Highways was a great experience. If only Simone (that's what called our GPS) hadn't been letting us down all the time shutting off at the most important moments...

Couchsurfing as well has been nothing but good so far. We've met lots of interesting people, have been treated with nothing but kindness and even got some gifts from our hosts along the way. Thanks to all of you who have hosted us so far. You guys were AWESOME!!!!!!

Off to New York City tomorrow spending half the day on a bus ;-/ Will keep you updated.


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