Where to meet Mr. Right

Bei Facebook hab ich neulich bei einem Test mit gemacht, der mir verraten sollte, wo ich meinen Traummann kennenlerne. Das Ergebnis war wenig überraschend: TRAVELLING. Hatte ich nicht schon genug Fernbeziehungen? Aber immer noch besser als Mary - sie soll sich in Buchhandlungen nach Mr. Right umsehen *ggg*

Hier meine vollständige Auswertung:

You are most likely to meet your "Mr. Right" traveling! Avoid vacation destinations that cater to families and choose instead cruises, exotic locations that allow for helicopter rides, or all inclusive resorts that cater to singles (with frequent flights from your area--which increases the chance of him living local!). While traveling with a friend is a fun way to go, don't discount traveling solo and staying in hostels or accommodations that focus on group activities. While traveling, gravitate towards city wide events, festivals and cafes. Be sure to strike up conversations with others, ask questions, advice and just even ask them about themselves or where they are headed that day. The more people you talk to, the bigger the network and pool you will have to choose from! If you have specific hobbies or interests, find destinations or cruises that cater to these interests which will increase your chance at finding Mr. Right doing the things that you love and enjoy. Get involved and be part of the action on your trip - play a volleyball game, try out a new adventure, take a bus ride and explore the countryside. During your travels, just be cautious of finding "Mr. Right Now"--he is the man who is eager to start into a serious relationship immediately... give it time, allow it to grow, leave time to get to know his friends, family and interests - even if it means traveling back to connect, it's a great excuse for a vacation! So, start booking the next trip and be sure to bring your camera- everyone will want a shot of "when you two first met" ... and let the journey begin!

Well - the journey will begin in less than 3 weeks! Heute in drei Wochen bin ich schon in Chicago und genieße meinen Urlaub in meiner zweiten Heimat =D Kann's kaum erwarten, hab heut schon wieder fleißig im Lonely Planet geschmökert...


  1. Ich bin gespannt, ob der Test Recht behält. Bitte auf dem Laufendem halten.... Ach ja und schon jetzt mal: Gute Reise!


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